The developer has not uploaded a Thrust remake yet...

Alpha Builds (Coming Soon!)

Join the Thrust community and help this Thrust remake develop through Alpha, Beta through to full deployment.  

You can already play the full game over at the Thrust 30 page or from

Here you can play a complete re-write of the game engine, as I replace the game engine with a raw PixiJS rendering implementation.  This re-write allows me to utilize my own custom camera engine for extra features like zoomable camera, and more levels.

This page is for testing the Alpha, Beta and Pre-release builds of the re-write, requesting features, designing levels, or any other participation in the development of Thrust 30.

Copyright notice:

Copyrights for Thrust are held with the Jeremy Smith estate (C64 version) and Superior Software (BBC version).  This remake of Thrust is open source, and free to play. I'm not developing this for profit.  The remake has been made with the blessing of Superior Software.



  • Left/Right Cursors: Rotate Ship
  • Space: Fire

Joypads Supported

  • Connect joypad and refresh page


  • Virtual Touch controls / External Joypad


  • Music: Martin Keary & Matt Gray
  • SFX: Matt Gray
  • Graphics: Martin Keary & Andy Hayes
  • Programming: Andy Hayes
  • Original Thrust: Jeremy Smith (Firebird Software)

Classic 1986 Phsyics Blaster: Thrust Remade by Hayes Maker Games.

Levels based on the Spectrum version (sorry C64 fans... C64 levels will be added in the future!)