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How To Play:

Recover the orb on each level by flying close enough to attach to your ship, then thrust into space to warp to the next stage.

Secondary objectives: Destroy the Planetary defences, and recover the blue FUEL cells by hovering your ship above them.

If you destroy the power station, a chain reaction will destroy the entire planet in 10 seconds and if you have the orb attached you will be rewarded with a bonus.



  • Left/Right Cursors: Rotate Ship
  • Space: Fire

Joypads Supported

  • Connect joypad and refresh page


  • Virtual Touch controls / External Joypad


  • Music: Martin Keary & Matt Gray
  • SFX: Matt Gray
  • Graphics: Martin Keary & Andy Hayes
  • Programming: Andy Hayes
  • Original Thrust: Jeremy Smith (Firebird Software)

Classic 1986 Phsyics Blaster: Thrust Remade by Hayes Maker Games.

Levels based on the Spectrum version (sorry C64 fans... C64 levels will be added in the future!)